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3-day Intensives

🌟 New Year 2020 🌟

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1-Week Intensive

🌟 Summer 2020 🌟

Bath EI Dates 


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"I can safely say that it was one of the most extraordinary things I have ever experienced in my entire life."


"Tremendously powerful, both in itself and in what it has set in motion in my life."


"The Enlightenment Intensive is a real breakthrough in the growth of consciousness and compassion in the world."


See Participants' Accounts for many more.

Further Reading


If you would like to know more about Enlightenment Intensives, or just get inspired before taking one, here are some books as well as a free PDF.



Jake Chapman’s Tell Me Who You Are (self-published, 1989) is a very readable overview of Enlightenment Intensives. Part 1 is semi-fictional first-person view of taking an Intensive. Part 2 is an explanation of the process of seeking, experiencing, communicating and living from enlightenment experiences. The book is out of print but possibly available second-hand.

However, you can access a free PDF copy of Part 1 here.

Free PDF 




The Enlightenment Intensive

Dyad Communication as a Tool for Self Realization

by Lawrence Noyes |


Lawrence took his first Enlightenment Intensive in 1976, trained extensively with founder Charles Berner until 1986, and has given his own trainings and seminars internationally for many years. Here he details how Enlightenment Intensives are run and offers participants’ stories in their own words. He includes photos of people in the contemplation and communication process. The book gives a reader a good idea of the challenging inner work done by participants on an Enlightenment Intensive.


Enlightenment and the Enlightenment Intensive

I: 5 Essays by Charles Berner

edited by Yoah Wexler



Charles Berner (1927–2007), later known as, Yogeshwar Muni, created and developed the Enlightenment Intensive retreat. In the 1960’s he developed new communication methods and self reflective techniques for improving one’s life. In July 1968 he created and developed the Enlightenment Intensive. 

Polishing the Mirror

An introduction to the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat

Jeremiah Jeff Love

"Written in 1973 when I could not write simply or well. An updated version will hit the Internet soon. ... I'm placing it in the public domain as a downloadable digital version. Google Jeremiah Jeff Love." - Source

Free PDF:



Awakening the Guru in You

Enlightenment Through Conscious Communication - The Co-evolution Process


Russell Scott |


Russell Scott is an enlightenment intensive master, self-inquiry mentor and former director of a spiritual retreat centre. In this book he presents the dyad method, used on Enlightenment Intensives, as a tool for personal growth.